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Practice educators

Practice Educator Accreditation Scheme

2 radiographers at work imageThe Society and College of Radiographers has developed the Practice Educator Accreditation Scheme which gives details on how the role of the Practice Educator, and others involved in facilitating practice based learning in clinical imaging and oncology, can be recognised and developed through an accreditation system.

Details of the Scheme are set out in the College of Radiographers document ‘Practice Educators Accreditation Scheme’, June 2006

The CoR’s Practice Educator Accreditation Scheme (PEAS) is in the process of being refreshed.

All current accredited practice educators have been informed by email about the changes.

From 1 January 2017, course leaders will need to map their programme to the new statements contained within the guidance when seeking re-approval for practice educator programmes.


Guidance has been developed to:

  • Provide further information on the framework and processes of the Practice Educator Accreditation Scheme;
  • Highlight specific information for those who are involved in the accreditation process.

This guidance provides information for anyone who is interested in participating in the Practice Educators Accreditation Scheme or has an interest in the accreditation and employment of Practice Educators. Specific sections of the guidance have been written for:

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